Blackmagic Intensity Pro-Nvidia card

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Blackmagic Intensity Pro-Nvidia card

PostThu Nov 08, 2012 2:53 am

ok i have been looking at numerous forums, and i cant not find 1 good thing walkthrough/setup guide on how to set it up a blackmagic intensity pro using a nivida card.

I read people have gotten it to work, and other people have had nothing but problems, but nothing stating how they got it set and working.

windows 7 64 bit
intel i7-950
nvidia gtx 580
12 gbs of ram (dont know what kinda)
2 Acer s230HL monitors there is this post but they are using a ati and i cant figure out to save my life how to duplicate screen on nvidia or i would be set (there is a clone option but i dont get my BMIP until tomorrow, same thing?).

Then this is this on another forum

"One HDMI cable is all I needed. No splitters, no extra HDMI cables, just one. I connected an HDMI cable from my graphics card to the INPUT slot of the Intensity Pro. I then connected a VGA cable from my graphics card to my monitor. And voila. I can see my screen, and also when I open Xsplit or Media Express, I see my desktop to know it's getting the picture."

but i dont want to use vga, i have 2 dvi connection on the back both used for 2 displays. I do have a mini hdmi that is on the card that isnt being used, but could i use this mini hdmi to hdmi and hook that up to the BMIP, clone my main display and it work? or will i run into problems.

I know i should have researched this before buying, but i found the guide above but didnt read through it (my fault)

Any help would be much appreciated, even a link pointing me in the right direction.

the whole reason for me getting a capture card is because i want to start streaming and being that i can stream now, i get 120 fps but when i use xspilt i drop to around 50 and it jumps around. I read that getting a capture card would improve this significantly.
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Re: Blackmagic Intensity Pro-Nvidia card

PostSat Dec 08, 2012 8:27 pm

Not sure if the OP is around to read this but...

Screen replication is a Windows function, not graphics card function. You can choose to Extend Desktop to another screen (ie kinda 2 desktops) or Mirror to the other screen.

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