Hyperdeck Shuttle Clips

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Hyperdeck Shuttle Clips

PostSun Aug 26, 2012 9:26 pm

After shooting test after test with the Hyperdeck Shuttle with a Kingston SSD V+ Now drive and a Sony EX1 in full 1080p Uncompressed with no more than 20 seconds of footage per clip I am still unable to load both audio and video and it keeps locking up when attempting to play the quicktime of the clips.

Is there a list of tried and true SSD cards that will work well in the HDS? I would love to try other SSDs besides Kingston for monetary reasons. How about OWC's SSDs? Please advise.

I am using a BlacX unit to input the clip into a MAC PRO with 16GB of RÅM into FCP. It just doesn't play whether trying to play the footage from off the drive or loading it onto the internal drives of the MAC PRO.

I am at a loss as to why the footage keeps freezing. I wish to not only use the 1080p uncompressed footage from an EX1, but also would like to use the Hyperdeck Shuttle to record from a RED Scarlett, if possible, and if the full HD won't work with the EX1 there's no way the Scarlett footage is going to play.

HELP! What is the minimum configurations so that the uncompressed footage will play on FCP or Premiere Pro CS6?


Chris Pearse

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Re: Hyperdeck Shuttle Clips

PostMon Aug 27, 2012 2:57 am


It sounds like video playback is dropping frames. It looks like the BlacX is a USB 2.0 hard disk dock. USB 2.0 won't supply sufficient bandwidth to playback uncompressed HD, which will have a data rate in excess of 100MB/s, I believe USB 2.0 can only supply about 60MB/s maximum. There are a few connections that can supply enough bandwidth, such as USB 3.0, ThunderBolt and eSATA. Hard disk docks can be found with any of these connections, but which one you can use will depend on the connections your system has.

If the disk in the Mac Pro is a regular spinning hard disk, this too will not be fast enough for uncompressed. For playback of uncompressed the only options are either a sufficient RAID array or an SSD.
Chris Pearse
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Re: Hyperdeck Shuttle Clips

PostMon Aug 27, 2012 2:21 pm

Actually, the MAC PRO does have spinning disc type drives at 7200 rpm coupled with 16GB RAM.

When playing directly from the BlacX hotswap unit I am using a eSATA connection.

However, both seem to have the same freezing up problem, and most of the time audio is not present at all.

What kind of set up do you recommend to be used so that smooth playback is possible? Any suggestions?

Also, anyone have any experience with OWC SSDs and the Hyperdeck Shuttle?

Thanks so much.
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Joshua Helling

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Re: Hyperdeck Shuttle Clips

PostMon Aug 27, 2012 9:30 pm

As Chris said,

USB2.0 has a peak performance of 480Mb/second. That's bits not bytes (MB=mega bytes, Mb=mega bits). So divide by 8 and thats USB2.0's max throughput of 60MB/second.

But that's maximum. For drives USB2.0 tends to run into peaks and valleys. And it typically sustains about 30MB/second. So it might play uncompressed SD okay, with a few drops here and there, but it's nowhere close to SD.

So yup, using esata, usb3 or thunderbolt would all work for you.

Or you can use a larger externally direct attached array like CalDigit, Stardom, G-tech or Promise raids.
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