Dual Videohub Routers in Same Facility?

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Paul Korver

Dual Videohub Routers in Same Facility?

PostTue Aug 28, 2012 2:30 am

Hi All,
First post on the new forum. Looks cool. Congrats BMD. I run a post company called Cinelicious and most of our video is routed through a Universal Videohub in our main server racks. We just completed a 4K DI Theater and in the projection booth we have a separate, smaller server room with another rack that is pretty much only for the DI Theater which is using Quad 3G inputs to a 4K DLP Projector. The server room and projection booth racks are about 75' via cable ladder apart and would rarely (if ever) need to share video signal. The simplest solution to me it seems is to just add a small 16x16 Smart Videohub in the projection booth rack which could switch a few 3G and quad 3G signals to the Projector. The catch is that the 2nd videohub router would be on the same GigE network for control. Can you manually set different IP addresses for different VideoHubs on the same network?

Can someone from BMD confirm this will or will not work?



Hersh Burston

Blackmagic Design

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Re: Dual Videohub Routers in Same Facility?

PostTue Aug 28, 2012 5:00 am

Hi Paul,

Thanks for using Blackmagic Products.

The IP address of Videohubs can be set in the client software to be either DHCP or preferably Static. Once set the client software or Smart Control panel can be pointed to the Universal or Smart Videohub. Unfortunately you cannot run two instances of the client software on the same computer.

I hope this helps.


Hersh Burston
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Re: Dual Videohub Routers in Same Facility?

PostTue Aug 28, 2012 11:47 pm

I have 2 Workgroup videohubs running in my facility and on the same network.
Each videohub is connected to individual PC's some 50 metres away in my administration area via usb to ethernet adaptors.
These 'server' PC's (they are actually admin computers doubling up as Videohub servers) have static ip addresses set as and and I can access both hubs from any computer (mac's and pc's) on the network.
In fact I can control both hubs at the same time on the same 'client' computer by running 2 different versions of the Videohub software! (neat trick eh!)
I have just finished the design and build of a dedicated handheld multi-videohub controller using a Arduino Microcontroller via ethernet, so now I don't even need to use a client computer to control the hubs, I just use my little box installed in my equipment room and of course the server computers.
I will be posting a link to a youtube video I am making soon to show how the box works.

Hope that has helped
(ps. gudday Hersh)

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