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intensity pro do not with i7 3770 Intel DZ77SL-50K board

PostPosted: Sat Jan 12, 2013 12:18 pm
by binxuan
mohterboard: Intel DZ77SL-50; CPU i7 3770; Hard Drive: Intel SSD 120G;Display Card: ATI HD5400 System: Windows7 64bit
The computer does not find the intensity pro card when inserted into the pcie 1x slot. The computer somethimes finds the card when inserted into the pcie 4x slot, but after installing the card's driver, the computer either cannot find the card or gives a wrong driver installed meassage. Should I try the pcie 16X slot? or the company will update the fireware in the near future? Tell me what to do. Thank you.

The intensity card works fine with Intel DG41wv motherboard with Intel E7200 CPU, running windows7 64bit, Display Card: ATI HD5400