Surgery Environment

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Surgery Environment

PostWed Mar 15, 2017 6:41 pm

I have been asked to explore options for a setup a surgeon would like to do, in one of our OR rooms.

His goal is to have a 50" monitor wall mounted (on a swing arm)...which will be about 7' from his position at the surgery table and about 5' from him when he moves to the table we plan to have a keyboard and mouse (in sterile plastic covers). On the monitor, he would like to have multiple from our PACS (Radiology Images), one from a computer he can access outside images, one he can run his template softtware (orthopedics), and one from a C-arm (X-ray Fluoroscopy).

I am looking at the MultiView 4 as something I think can help accomplish this, but have some questions.

The first three feeds could all be accomplished from a single computer...with three video connections. On the really small form factor HP Elite I am looking to accomplish this, there are two Displayport ports. I can add a USB 3 to HDMI adapter for the third. The adapter would have a female HDMI connector and I could use Displayport to female HDMI connectors on the other two. I could then use three HDMI to SDI converters to connect to the MultiView 4 (I would need three short HDMI cables and three short SDI cables). The C-Arm outputs SDI, so I just need a direct cable for that. And, of course, an HDMI cable from MultiView to Monitor. I can use the monitor setup in Windows to arrange them for mouse use.

I will mount the small computer, MultiView and surge strip behind the monitor.

First, does anyone see an issue with what I have in mind?

My next question is about whether a single feed can be displayed full monitor...looking at the information, I don't readily see whether you can switch one feed to full monitor and back. Is that possible and can this be done from the computer? If it can be done, but not from the computer, how is it done?

I think I am looking at roughly $1000 (not including Monitor and mount). I am trying to accomplish something that does not rely on the monitor's abilities, in case a higher resolution (we just need 1080 for the lower res stuff we are doing, now) or larger screen is needed later.

Thanks for any input.

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