Hyperdeck2 shuttle soundtrack missing on AUX output

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Benoit Ter Burg

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Hyperdeck2 shuttle soundtrack missing on AUX output

PostThu Mar 16, 2017 2:22 pm

Dear Blackmagisdesign users

Just acquired a Shuttle as a companion of my ATEM Production 4K
Currently busy with keying between Cam 1 flow and fixed image (from ATEM media library) plus sound recording from HF micro directly plugged into the ATEM using XLR connectivity.

My goal is to keep cam 1 flow with master soundtrack before keying is processed !
So I tried to Record cam1 flow plus sound using Aux, but sound track is not audible on recorded output file on SSD...

PS : I cannot use for this main output Program which is already in use for output for chromakeying.

Could be or not and How ?
Thanks for helping.
Benoit Ter Burg

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