Three Ultrastudio Mini Recorders

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Joe Nudi

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Three Ultrastudio Mini Recorders

PostSun Mar 19, 2017 6:16 am

Hi folks,

I have three Ultrastudio Mini Recorders. When I use any two of them independently with a single computer, everything works fine. However, when I try to run all 3 at the same time, the last recorder plugged in does not go active (the light on the mini recorder stays off). When any one of the powered recorders is unplugged, the recorder that was not getting power suddenly goes active.

Is this a limitation on the number of mini recorders usable? Is this a software limitation or a hardware limitation?

I'm using a late 2016 Macbook Pro which only has 4 USB-C ports with Thunderbolt Mini Recorders using thunderbolt 2 to 3 adapters.

I've seen videos that show people using a shuttle in place of the third mini recorder, but I previously thought that this was due to a lack of thunderbolt ports. Maybe this wasn't the case?

Any help or thoughts would be appreciated.

Thank you,


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