Decklink recorder 4k with GotoMeeting & Polycom

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Martin Herrmann

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Decklink recorder 4k with GotoMeeting & Polycom

PostMon Mar 20, 2017 1:59 pm


i've two cards (mini recorder 4k) and they don't want to work with Goto Meeting and Polycom Realpresenter Desktop.

I have an input from a videomatrix and it comes with a 720p 60Hz signa

In both apps i can choice between "Blackmagicdesign WDM Capture" or "decklink wdm capture".

If i try the first option, i get a failure that the device is already in use" and with the other one i get a black screen inside the app.

With media express i get a picture. So i think its a problem in my configuration. What can i try?

Are the settings in "media express" global settings?

Sorry for my bad english.

Regards Martin
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Re: Decklink recorder 4k with GotoMeeting & Polycom

PostThu Mar 23, 2017 11:13 am

Common problem.!! the WDM drivers mostly don't work..

Same applies to Google Hangouts, Skype and all other non broadcast programs that don't have Native BMD hardware support.

You need a piece of software to act in between.. I did that with Google Hangout to run it trough wirecast lite.. But not sure if the same technic applies to your software..
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Jack Fairley

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Re: Decklink recorder 4k with GotoMeeting & Polycom

PostFri Mar 24, 2017 1:46 am

Decklink cards are pretty rough with such software, in my experience. The Web Presenter is a good candidate here, I think.

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