"Cycling" or no audio on input - Decklink Duo 2 on Centos 6

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"Cycling" or no audio on input - Decklink Duo 2 on Centos 6

PostMon Apr 17, 2017 10:06 pm

I have a problem with Decklink Duo 2 input on CentOS 6.

After a reboot, if I look at the source in Media Express, the audio will "cycle" from channels 13-14 to 9-10 to ... to 1-2 and on and on, like this: https:// goo.gl/photos/rCuMdXkoUXKF33TR6 (put the url back together to view)

If I select another source and then go back to this one the audio is gone completely.

If I use the Capture utility that comes with SDK the raw audio files come back with all zeroes.

This is on a known good source (verified using Marshall and Cobalt multiviewers and Dektec SDEye). Incidentally, the source is produced by another Decklink Duo 2 card (different server).

Is this a known problem?

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