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Move to Trash

PostFri May 19, 2017 3:02 am

Hey there, y'all!

We are testing out the Blackmagic Media Express as a new way of capturing our live product videos. The main sticking point I'm finding, though, you'd think is simple... How to delete files from the drive (on iMacs, so moving them to the trash) while still in Media Express. The parallel would be cmd+delete in FCPx.

Our workflow is such that the on camera talent may have six takes, and needs to delete the bad ones from their drive before uploading the raw to a server for the editors. Because of our throughput, going back and looking through all of the clips after they've been shot is impractical. What we need is a simple way to, for example, right click on the clip in Media Express, and be able to delete it from the drive. The closest thing there is currently is the "Reveal in Finder," which adds an extra step, as that can't be hot-keyed. Unless it can?

I have a little bit of experience in Applescript, if that's an option.

Anyone have any advice, I'd be greatly appreciative!
-Kevin Kefgen

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