Conflicting advice from resellers

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Conflicting advice from resellers

PostTue Jun 13, 2017 10:37 am

Hi all,

I am looking at buying an ATEM Television Studio HD switcher. However, I have received conflicting advice about workflow from two local resellers, and I'm someone on the forums can resolve the issue so I can proceed with a purchase.

Our intention is to set up the following workflow:

• Two cameras would send video to the switcher
• An audio mixer would send audio to the switcher
• A monitor would show the multi-view for switching purposes
• A TV monitor would display the final program live in the room
• A Macbook Pro which would record the final program

One reseller advised us that we could achieve the desired result by using the ATEM TV Studio HD in the following way:

• The two cameras would send signal to the switcher via HDMI or SDI
• The audio mixer would send audio to the switcher via XLR
• The switcher would send the multi-view to a monitor via HDMI or SDI
• The switcher would send the final mixed program via SDI to either an ultra studio mini or an H264 Pro Recorder, and then via thunderbolt to the Macbook Pro
• The Macbook Pro would record this program on Media Express
• From there, the final program would be output via HDMI to the TV monitor in the room.

The second reseller believes this will not work. Their advice was:

• Between the switcher and the Ultra Studio Mini or H264 Pro, I need a HyperDeck Studio Mini
• The HyperDeck Studio Mini will output the final program via HDMI or SDI to the TV monitor
• The HyperDeck will also output the final program to the MacBook, via either the Ultra Studio Mini or the H264 Recorder
• The computer will then record the program via Media Express

The latter reseller also told me that I need to run the switching software on the Macbook, and connect it via ethernet to the switcher.

So obviously, these two resellers are giving very different advice, and I'm hoping you can tell me which is correct.

One additional piece is that we hope to connect a DVD recorder to burn the final program; however, that is optional.

In case it's helpful, I've also spelled out our current set-up below.

Thank you for your time and help!



Our current set-up is as follows:

• Two cameras
• an audio mixing board, which sends the audio to one of the cameras (the other does not record sound)
• an analog hardware video switcher
• a monitor to use for the multi-view switching
• an HDMI TV monitor for screening the final program live during the event
• a DVD recorder, which adds an intro and an outro to the final program and compresses/burns the program to DVDs; the DVD receives video via RCA cables from the switcher, and audio via XLR from the audio mixing board
• A MacBook Pro which records video and audio via Quicktime - both signals come to the computer via a Firewire connection

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