Ursa mini 4.6k + Rode NTG-1

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Rick Griemink

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Ursa mini 4.6k + Rode NTG-1

PostThu Jun 15, 2017 12:30 pm

Hey there,

I have been looking around the web if there's any answer or solution to the problem I'm facing, but I couldn't find it. So here's my question regarding my Ursa mini 4.6k and Rode NTG-1 mic;

The levels are way to low, all settings are set at the highest possible but it's only hitting to -30db. Only when I scream loud enough right in to the mic (at a distance of 1 ft.) it is hitting around 0db. Is this a general problem with the 4.6k? Is there anything I'm doing wrong?

Plugged into channel 2 on phantom power, line and set to high. My gain is also set to a 100%.

Anyone having or have had the same problems?

Thanks in advance.

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