4K to HD downconverter

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Sean Holland

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4K to HD downconverter

PostThu Jun 29, 2017 1:09 am

Hi, I'm looking for a 4K to HD downconverter for 4K output from a 4K Studio Camera. We have a three camera setup, with only the center camera being 4K capable, all routed to an ATEM TV Studio HD. We have an extra Hyperdeck Studio Pro and we would like to be able to record a 4K signal onto that separately from the output to the switcher. Since that output needs to be 1080p, I want to simply split the 4K signal from the camera, send one to the Hyperdeck for full 4K recording, and one to a downconverter that goes back into the switcher. I realize I might lose camera control doing this. Any advice on how to do this seamlessly without recabling our rack each time would be appreciated. Thank you all.
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Re: 4K to HD downconverter

PostThu Jun 29, 2017 11:53 pm

Teranex AV?

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Re: 4K to HD downconverter

PostTue Jul 04, 2017 11:23 am

Unfortunatly the Teranex AV or Teranex Express are your only option at this moment.
At this moment there is no other brand that has a 12G downconverter..

Or maybe yes maybe the teranex mini SDI to hdmi will do.. They can downconvert the signal if the HDMI device is HD instead of 4K. But the sad part is that this detect function is not controllable.. So if there is a mismatch between the EDID file of the Atem and Teranex mini.. It won't output HD but 4K. I asked to put this as a function down in the menu.. in the HDMI to SDI version you can choose for Upconvert to 4K.. But the other way you can not choose to set the downconverter on.. So everything hangs on the EDID info of the HDMI drivers which is a real pity... :(

If that is above your budget i would suggest recording on the camera in 4K and 1080P to your mixer. ;)
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Re: 4K to HD downconverter

PostFri Jul 07, 2017 6:08 pm

It's correct that the Teranex AV is probably the best answer for this. Just so you know the camera control packets will be passed through as well, so you wouldn't lose camera control.

Sean Holland

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Re: 4K to HD downconverter

PostFri Jul 14, 2017 8:46 pm

Thanks to everyone for the helpful recommendations. I'm not even sure what level of spending I could get approved, but it helps to have a number and a specific device. The Teranex AV certainly looks like a real swiss army knife of a converter. Perhaps long-term as we move toward 4K across the board in our studio, the Teranex AV could become a stopgap. We're an educational institution so it's hard to justify 4K at the moment, but would like to take advantage of the one Studio Ultra HD camera that we have.


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