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Swenson Kearey

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Hyperdeck Studio Mini

PostWed Jul 12, 2017 2:53 pm

Hi all

i have a brand new hyperdeck studio mini running into an Atem 1m/e Production Studio 4K.

The plan was to use the mini as a VTR for VTs and credits etc.

My entire system runs at 1080/50i as that is th maximum resolution of the majority of my old cameras.

At present i am adding genlock to the entire system, right the way out to the cameras (100m). So for the moment there is no genlock across the system.

I am struggling to get the Hyperdeck Mini to do anything other than 1080p25 on its output and any files recorded at 1080/50i simply don't play. There seems to be very little in the way of options and control on the unit menus.

Am i missing something or will the Hyperdeck Studio Mini not output 1080/50i?

thanks in advance


Gary Adams

Blackmagic Design

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Re: Hyperdeck Studio Mini

PostThu Jul 13, 2017 4:04 pm

Hello Swenson. The best method to verify this is to record a 1080i50 file using the desired codec on the Hyperdeck Mini. Compare that file's parameters with the ones you are making using an inspector tool of some sort. There must be some parameter that is not the same as the one made on the Hyperdeck Mini. To play back an interlaced image, the file must be made interlaced. Everything the same.

Regards, Gary
Gary Adams
Blackmagic Design

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