Green only with Hyperdeck Shuttle 2

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Alan Campbell

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Green only with Hyperdeck Shuttle 2

PostFri Jul 14, 2017 4:16 pm

Hi guys,

I am trying to record with a Hyperdeck Shuttle 2 and a 960GB SSD, but it only seems to record in green and black when I use a video mixer upstream. Not the slightest hint of any other colour, at the output, during record or playback. It will record apparently faultlessly in full colour if coming directly from a camcorder. The SSD is formatted eXFat but I have tried HFS+ with exactly the same results.

A Blackmagic DeckLink card in a PC appears to record the same HDMI stream faultlessly, but is not exactly portable, so can't be used where I need to go.

The video sources (3 off) are all JVC camcorders, GZ-HD3 series, and all interfaces are HDMI, with good cables, and several alternatives have been tried for each cable. If I connect ONE camera to the Hyperdeck, even using both cables and a coupler, end to end, I get perfect colour every time. (But what would be the point, except for fault finding, as I could just record on the camcorder?)

If I insert the mixer, Roland V-4EX, it all goes green. But the Roland does correctly feed full colour to or to a TV or monitor, from the same output, if I don't connect the Hyperdeck.

I don't need to record at full HD as the Roland processes at less than that internally, 576p or 720p is adequate, but I have tried all available resolutions. Some don't work at all, as might be expected.

It seems that everything works except that the Hyperdeck and the Roland refuse to cooperate. They both have the latest firmware updates. The mixer mixes, and the recorder records, but not when they are together.

Please, does anyone have any constructive suggestions for what to try next?

Thanks in anticipation.

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Re: Green only with Hyperdeck Shuttle 2

PostFri Jul 14, 2017 6:50 pm

If i would make a guess you have connected the Roland with HDMI to the Hyperdeck? right ;)

Your Roland is probabbly configured to output RGB or YUV 4.4.4 But you need it to output YUV4.2.2 color format for the hyperdeck to be oke with it ;)

Also check that HDCP is disbaled on your Roland mixer.. HDCP can also go haywire and put out green only..

And check if the HDMI port is OKE from the hyperdeck.. Connect a laptop or so to it and check if the colors are right..
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Alan Campbell

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Re: Green only with Hyperdeck Shuttle 2

PostWed Jul 19, 2017 11:59 pm

Thank you very much for these suggestions, which make very good sense, and certainly tell me exactly where to look. I will be trying them tomorrow. Too late tonight...

HDCP is "supposedly" turned off, but will be the first thing that I will check. It is a real pain at the best of times, a product of misguided attempts at copy protection by the media moguls, that only annoys legitimate users, while the pirates have means of defeating it. It should be off on the camcorders and Roland, and frankly I would be delighted if the final output was copied. It will be going on Livestream and probably Youtube, but not in real time, the Livestream Broadcaster box is yet another HDMI nightmare, and I don't expect an adequate internet connection on site, so that gets done later..

I know, I should work towards an all-SDI setup, but there is nothing like the Roland, mediocre though it is, at an affordable price right now (or at least not when I bought it), and you can get a slightly used full-HD (not that the Roland can process in HD!) HDMI camcorder for a very reasonable price. But good audio recording on the camcorders, a field in which I am experienced, is a much bigger nightmare than sorting out the video problems, and in this case the audio is what is most important, so some well-positioned mics, a mixer, and straight into the Roland is the way for that. Next year's target may be the ATEM Television Studio Pro HD, which is way ahead of the Roland in every way, albeit at double the price.

The Roland manual claims that it is 4:2:2, however it may be too clever and seems to switch between RGB if interlaced and YUV if non-interlaced.

I am an electronics design engineer by profession, but in a very different field, so like the average person I expect HDMI to be plug and play. It is nowhere near, as I now realise. I should have known, having been bitten too many times by USB and such like.

I will let you know how I get on. If it works for me it may benefit someone else too.

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