HDMI to SDI problem

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Steve Downey

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HDMI to SDI problem

PostSun Jul 16, 2017 2:40 am

I've just purchased the Mini HDMI to SDI converter and am having trouble using it with a third-party device. I'm taking the HDMI output of two Windows laptops and converting the signal to SDI. When the laptops go directly into the converter, everything work fine.

When I run the laptops' HDMI signal through Startech's 4x4 HDMI Matrix Video Switch Switcher, and send the HDMI output of the Switcher to the Mini Converter, the picture won't lock up. (The switcher is outputting a good HDMI signal.)

I'm new to this world, but it seems apparent that the Switcher is the culprit. Can someone explain why this is happening?


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