Intensity Pro BSOD/No Signal

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Jeremy Massey

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Intensity Pro BSOD/No Signal

PostMon Aug 07, 2017 4:01 pm

I've tried everything to get this card working, but it doesn't seem to like my rig. It has only received video once, and BSODs my PC every time I attempt to change the settings. I've tried other video capture programs and they all get the same issue. Could my old HDMI cables cause this issue, or is it the card? I will have to return the card to my friend if I can't get this resolved, but every thread on here I've searched through ends with no solution. It's extremely frustrating because this is supposed to be a plug and play card. I installed the latest version of Desktop Video from about two months ago if that matters.

Specs - 8 GB RAM, GTX 1050 Ti, i5-3570k CPU.

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