MicroConverter HDMI-SDI question

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Jeremy Abbott

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MicroConverter HDMI-SDI question

PostThu Aug 10, 2017 3:09 am

Does the MicroConverter perform 3:2 pulldown? I need to send 24p from my Canon C100 in its 60i stream to a Video Assist 4K. I know I can perform the pulldown in post, but it really limits the value of the VA as a monitor because it creates a bad interlacing blur on motion and renders the focus peaking features almost completely unusable.

I also know I can get an Atomos converter that does perform pulldown, but I'm looking for more affordable options before going that route. I got the VA because it's a lot cheaper than the Atomos models, but if I have to add an expensive converter I may as well have gone with the Atomos in the first place :(

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