Two Intensity Pro 4K cards on one PC?

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Darin Clark

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Two Intensity Pro 4K cards on one PC?

PostTue Oct 03, 2017 2:23 pm

I'm working on a project that calls for a PC to be able to record two (2) HDMI inputs simultaneously and I'm wondering if anyone has successfully implemented a Dual Card installation, with two instances/installations of MediaExpress (one pointed to each card) so you could either individually (or simultaneously) record either/both inputs on one PC?

I'm not looking for anything crazy like trying to combine both signals into one recorded file (windowing) or anything like that. Simply the ability to fire up MediaExpress(A) to record HDMI Input(A) on Card(A), and/or the ability (simultaneously) to fire up MediaExpress(B) to record HDMI Input(B) on Card(B).

When I spoke to BlackMagic, they said it was "unofficially tested" and possible....that you could basically run the software installation twice and that you just pick the card you want the installation to associate with each time...and you'd basically end up with something like "MediaExpress" and "MediaExpress(Copy)"....and you could of course re-name the shortcuts to correspond to the different cards. They also recommended that I basically take the hardware requirements for a single card and double it (which of course makes sense to me...perhaps even a little more than double if/where possible).

Has anyone done this? Are there any "pitfalls" or special things to be aware of, tips for successfully implementing, or dire warnings to avoid this at all cost, etc?

Thanks in advance for anyone that can help.

- Darin
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Re: Two Intensity Pro 4K cards on one PC?

PostTue Oct 03, 2017 8:52 pm

Bandwidth, Bandwidth and Bandwidth.. Oh and did i mention BandWidth?? :lol:

Take a look at several topic of last 2 months.. (Especially the topics about the Decklink Duo (Which has 4 ports now)..

If you motherboard is not fast enough.. If your bus speed is shared with your graphic card, if if if.. It could potentionally be a problem.. Hickups and stuff.. So yes you could run 2 cards, (got 3 older decklink cards in 1 of my machines..) But the problem is that confirming this on which hardware it works flawless is a difficult task.. There are 10.000 types of motherboards out there.. They can't test it with every setup.

But yes i would like to know on what motherboard and processor they did test this. ;) That would make more sense right. It can even depend on what slot you put the cards in..
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Re: Two Intensity Pro 4K cards on one PC?

PostSat Oct 14, 2017 8:41 am

We use a similar setup in my office.

Decklink Duo with 4 Inputs recording 4 1080p streams in parallel.
We started out with Media Express but switched to Medialooks Directtake. Was mainly a convinience thing.

We use a bog std. Gaming PC (Asus Z270 Mainboard, 4 GHz i7 Quadcore). 2 SSD Raid 0 for recording.

So far we didn't have any problems. Even encoding DNxHD 185MBit works in realtime with 4 streams.

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