Beginner home Resolve set up

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Beginner home Resolve set up

PostThu Oct 05, 2017 10:07 pm

I'm new to this forum and fairly new to Resolve.
Recently I've started using the software at my job where a have a decent set up, but I'm lacking one at home, where my old macbook doesn't really cut it.
As a former photographer I still have a decent monitor, but I'm currently looking to build a basic desktop. The catch here is that I'm on a tight budget.
So before I get out my cash, I'd like to get some extra opinions about a basic set up. As I understand, Resolve tends to rely mor on the processing power of the GPU than the CPU (correct me if I'm wrong). And I don't really mind longer output render times but like faster playback times.

As a basic CPU I was thinking about the new AMD Ryzen 3 1300x, which should have a great performance for the cheap price..
A simple set up would include 16gb DDR4, and the more money I save on other component, the more a can spend on more TB's of hard drive space for cache and backup. Do you guys think it is needed to get a SSD start up disk? Because if this isn't necessary , those extra bucks could be used for other useful HDD space.

The biggest question is the GPU. As I've read on this forum, R14 and multiple GPU's isn't always the best combination. But combining 2 identical GPU's would still benefit overall performance?
Here are my current considerations:
Dual Radeon RX560 4G
Dual or single GTX 1050Ti 4G
Single Radeon RX580 4G
Single GTX 1060 3G

What would you prefer? Keep in mind this is for a low budget :D
Next step would probably be a second monitor, so that should go fluent to.

With such a budget desktop (I'm hoping to get the desktop for under €900 here in Belgium) working with 4K footage will probably be to much, and since I'm still using R14 Lite, noise reduction and other heavy features won't be used.

And Windows 7, 10 of Linux? I haven't used linux in 6 years, but not having to buy a Windows licence would help me to :roll:

Please let me know your opinion,
or call me stupid trying this and say I need to save some more money (probably won't be doing that ;) )

Bram Vaes

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