Ursa Mini Pro + SSD module + SDI monitoring?

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Stefan Vrachev

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Ursa Mini Pro + SSD module + SDI monitoring?

PostMon Oct 23, 2017 4:40 pm

Hello, BM users.

I am new to this forum so if my question was asked before excuse me.
I am about to purchase Black Magic Ursa mini Pro and am thinking to configure it with the SSD module.
I have one question. Is it possible to use the SSD module that BM put out recently and use thet SDI monitoring? I need to be able to connect different monitors or wireless transmitters to the SDI but still be able to use SSD recording - it is much more flexible and cheap.
Thank you for respecting my question.

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Re: Ursa Mini Pro + SSD module + SDI monitoring?

PostMon Oct 23, 2017 6:29 pm

Here is a topic that is discussing the SSD module.

But in basic you will loose the BNC IN and OUT at the back of the camera. So the only monitoring that will be available is the front Monitor option.. So if that is enough for you thats oke..

But if you need a clean output to mixer / wireless and need one with data on it for the camera men to know what is going on with the camera then you will be in trouble and not be able to use the SSD unit.

But you can always unplug the SDI cables of the unit and disable the option in the camera so you get back the SDI lines at the back.. But then you need to record os SDHC or Cfast cards.
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jordan spalding

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Re: Ursa Mini Pro + SSD module + SDI monitoring?

PostMon Jul 16, 2018 3:06 pm

I'm using the Ursa Mini Pro with the SSD module right now and yes, there is a front-mounted SDI out for an external monitor. You just lose your BNC's in the back so if i'm not mistaken, you'll need to disconnect the SSD to punch timecode with your sound mixer if you operate that way, but after that you should be able to operate normally. I definitely recommend the SSD module, I have a 1tb drive I write to and I can record everything except the 4.6K uncompressed RAW 60fps (which requires 2 cards).

It does change the ergonomics of the camera though, it's longer, and the relative position of the handle is different with it attached. My whole setup, when built out, is about 9.5lbs and alteast 1-1.5lbs of it is the SSD recorder so keep that in mind.

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