Using DeckLink Mini 4K with "unsupported" apps

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Sunil Gupta

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Using DeckLink Mini 4K with "unsupported" apps

PostTue Oct 31, 2017 7:07 pm

Hi ,
I was advised by a software vendor to use the DeckLink Mini 4K for capturing images from a medical instrument. Originally the intention was to use software that supported this card; however, at the last minute, the client decided to change to another package.

I can see the video from the device using the Media Express app that comes with the card. However, when I use the app that the client wants to use I'm not able to get an image.

I believe the problem is that the signal format is not correct. The software let's me choose the format but then, because I made a configuration change, forces itself to close. When you open it again, the signal format reverts back to the default!

Is there a way to force the Decklink Mini 4K to use a particular signal format outside of the program that is doing the capture?

Any other suggestions on how to force the video format so that I'm not just seeing a black screen in the "unsupported" app?

Thank you
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Re: Using DeckLink Mini 4K with "unsupported" apps

PostWed Nov 01, 2017 10:59 am

Or contact the software manufacturer that they change their settings so it supports the res and framerate you need.

Or convert the video signal with the use of a Decimator MD-HX to a supported format from that software.. ;)
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