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Val Dowling

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PostSat Nov 04, 2017 1:32 pm

Hi all.
I am a newbie. i have this video recorder software, which has worked great from video camera, i have transferred all of my tapes, so i at least know how to do that.
I am now using older tapes from around 2000-2005, which are in a cassette, in my old VHS player.
I have the sound up, but the picture is appearing flashing green or with green lines scrolling. i have tried multiple different combinations of the cables but not getting anywhere with it.
the cables i have are red green yellow, into a scart plug at the back of my vhs player, and then i have tried all combos of the same into the BM sockets.. (which are red green blue),
can someone just tell me where i'm going wrong. presumably it's something really stupid i'm doing or not doing..

many thanks.

Denny Smith

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PostMon Nov 06, 2017 6:09 pm

You need a Time Base Corrector to deal with VHS tape transfers, as these tapes are all analog, and the time code is poor. See Live Production forum notes from Collin B. Also, does you VHS player have a SVideo output (round Din connector). The red and black are audio connections, Yelliw isi composite video out. Also a SHVS player might help, some lust as having a TBC, but it is not enough, a Broadcast style TBC is needed.
Denny Smith
SHA Productions

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