Videohub as matrix outputs blinking

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Videohub as matrix outputs blinking

PostTue Nov 07, 2017 4:55 am

Hello all,

I Have installed in a Sports Bar
(1) Cable box to BMD micro HDMI to SDI
(8) DirecTv boxes:
(4) Using $30 Analog to HDMI into BMD micro HDMI to SDI converters.
(4) Using $20 HDMI 1X2 Splitter into BMD micro HDMI to SDI.
All going to a 20X20 Videohub running 6.4. Short runs 30 to 130ft into $20 China SDI to HDMI converters to random brands and sizes of TVs.

Problem is Every month for a few days and only the ESPN channels on all 8 the DirecTvs start Blinking (Screen randomly goes black for 4 seconds) on the TVs. Even with all the outputs on one source the TVs will blink randomly and the display on the Videohub stays solid?

Interesting when watching the affected channel accessing the Guide or Menu will Blink also. Change the channel and it stops.

I have tried Resetting DirecTv boxes, adding HDMI splitter, switching to Analog output, 720 and 1080, and every TV setting I can access.

Thanks for your time.

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