Level Clipping using DeckLink 4K Extreme

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Level Clipping using DeckLink 4K Extreme

PostWed Nov 08, 2017 7:02 pm


It appears that later versions of Desktop Video Software (10.6.x and on) are clipping the levels on SD Composite signal. Earlier versions allow for full-range signal (8-bit values of 0 to 254, or 10-bit values of 0 to 1023), but later versions clip at Broadcast Range (8-bit values of 16 to 235, or 10-bit values of 64 to 940).

The clipping appears to be related to hardware as well. I have 4 machines using a DeckLink 4K Extreme card via PCIe which all have this clipping with versions later than 10.6.x. However, I have a machine using an Ultrastudio Express via Thunderbolt and this is able to use version 10.8.5 without any clipping problems.

I know that the Converters software has a switch to toggle this clipping. Can we please a patch that allows us to do this with the latest version of Desktop Video? I am one of many people using this hardware for analog video preservation and we need to capture full-range signals for non-broadcast materials. Many of us are stuck using older versions of the software because of this issue, please help!
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