BM Webpresenter (no no audio to stream).

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BM Webpresenter (no no audio to stream).

PostFri Nov 10, 2017 7:58 am

Hi Guys,

Going a bit mental - been Googling, researching, reading, on forums, YouTubing for hours.

Just got a web presenter - using it with no front panel right now - just the 1x cam patched in the back.

It shows up on the laptop as a device - but there is no audio at all - shows & previews video signal fine - but no audio feeding through to USB. I patched in via SDI & HDMI, plugged/tested in 2x different XLR mikes & still no audio to laptop.

Also checked & updated the firmware (latest version), restarted the laptop several times & even swapped out USB cords as part of a thorough test/remediation plan.

I also patched in a monitor for the post Web Presenter feed which has video & audio showing up post device (sweet, amazing audio to taunt me!) - SO - it suggests the Web Presenter is not sending out audio to USB (it's receiving fine - but not outputting to USB).

I even tweaked the last 2x dip switches into an auto mode & the front light changed from white to green - but still no audio.

Anything ideas? Every video & thread show the device with the smart panel & every post says it's just plug & play - going mental - the advice I got is that it should just work even without the smart panel with 1x cam.

Anything I am missing - any small switch or setting I might have missed? I could find nothing close to this issue on the internet.

Trying some beer now to see if that works.

Assistance would be welcomed.


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