Resolve 14.1 always starts with setup screen

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Miroslaw Lawczys

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Resolve 14.1 always starts with setup screen

PostTue Nov 14, 2017 7:28 pm


I just downloaded and installed Resolve 14.1.

When I launch Resolve it starts with "Welcome to Davinci Resolve 14" setup screen with options "Welcome tour" and "What's new?". I did welcome tour and I did "Quick setup" after which Resolve displayed message "You're all set We hope you enjoy Davinci Resolve 14!". Upon pressing Start button, Resolve opened Untitled Project.

All good for first time, but I did expect that when I play with Resolve, save project, close the Resolve and open it again, I would be immediately presented with Project screen. This is not happening, every time I open Resolve it presents the same Welcome screen with the same option to do tour and same option to do quick setup. To get to project screen I need to skip tour, skip setup and than click home button from Untitled Project which Resolve always opens for me as a default.

It seems that Resolve does not remember that I already did the tour and quick setup.

How can I setup Resolve so on opening it goes directly to Project screen?


Lan Freedman

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Re: Resolve 14.1 always starts with setup screen

PostThu Nov 16, 2017 7:44 pm

Same here. Hoping for an answer soon.

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