List of all (incl. legacy) decklink models

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List of all (incl. legacy) decklink models

PostThu Jan 25, 2018 11:07 pm


Is there a list of all past and present Decklink models hiding anywhere ? - the most I can find is the current models selection on the main website on the ../products/decklink/models page ... I was hoping to find a list somewhere in the desktop video manuals, or elsewhere in the support section, but I'm failing! It's proving hard to find exact names / specs of previous models (e.g. the older HD extreme ones, of which I gather there were many variants).

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Re: List of all (incl. legacy) decklink models

PostFri Jan 26, 2018 10:00 am

This would indeed come in handy.. Also because the order of connections of SDI in and SDI out did change based on what card you had.

I will try to dig up some info and add it to a topic.. But can't guarantee that all info can even be found anymore.

Sidenote: In the present you don't want to buy a 5 year old card.. Saving a few bucks.. Waranty is 1 to 3 years.. After that if something is wrong you can trow it away and buy a new one.
But for reference purposes its good to have a list like that.
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