4Kp60 Internal Key on DeckLink 4K Pro?

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4Kp60 Internal Key on DeckLink 4K Pro?

PostMon Jan 29, 2018 9:59 pm


We're trying to use a scenario where we need to use the internal keyer to composite the frames for us. Unfortunately, this has sent us down a rabbit hole, with the primary issues being:

[*] When in high frame rate UHD modes, there are no pixel formats that support alpha (only YUV 4:2:2). What format are we supposed to send the frame in?
[*] When turning on the internal keyer in a high frame rate UHD mode, we get vertical lines across the image as if the stride of the pixel format is incorrect.

So my question is: Does the internal keyer work in high frame rate UHD / 4K DCI mode? If so, what format are we expected to submit to the hardware? I've noticed the included LiveKey program does not seem to support these high resolutions / framerates.


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