Connecting Db-25 to Teranex Mini Audio to SDI 12G

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Connecting Db-25 to Teranex Mini Audio to SDI 12G

PostFri Feb 02, 2018 11:39 am

I've got a RME ADI-4 DD which has Db-25 AES output. And I want to combine it with some 1080p 60fps SDI video through Teranex Mini Audio to SDI 12G. Im outputting 4 channels from the RME but am unsure how DB-25 connects to the XLR inputs on the Teranex. Does anybody know of a cable etc. which achieves this. Specifics would be appreciated!

I've seen some connectors but they seem to have 8 XLR cables coming from them? Does that mean they are mono XLR if that's a thing as DB-25 is 4 stereo tracks? Don't really understand how these cables work as says 4 channel in via the 2 XLR ports on the Teranex, so those are stereo? Bit confused here.

Denny Smith

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Re: Connecting Db-25 to Teranex Mini Audio to SDI 12G

PostSat Feb 03, 2018 1:03 am

The RME has a digits audio output, two channels in and out on the XLR connectors or 8-channels in and out on the DB 25 connector. Mini Audio to SDI Converter has both Toslink and AES XLR connections, you will need a Toslink optical cable, or one AES/XLR digital audio cable for channel 1/2 out (normal mic XLR audio cables will not work correctly). Just connect either the DB-25 AES digital audio snake breakout cable connection to to the Teranex XLR/AES inputs, 2 channels per XLR for 4 channels total, or use the AES XLR, cable connection, which gives 2-channels of audio. You are going to need a digital audio DB-25 breakout cable from RME.
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