Autofocus doesn’t work. Due to protective glass?

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Autofocus doesn’t work. Due to protective glass?

PostTue Feb 13, 2018 9:32 pm

Could slight condensation/smudge on the inside of protective glass in front of the sensor be the reason for why my BMPC doesnt autofocus? This is the theory i’ve got going after trying several different lenses. Those that I must operate manually work fine. However lenses like the Luminix f2 14 and f1.7 20 are out of focus once they snap into place. This is too bad because these are what I want to use. My thinking is that the sensor is focusing on the smudge. That’s why everything near and far is out of focus. Let me know if I should have the camera opened and the glass cleaned from the inside, or if the problem might be something else. Firmware is up to date.

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