Multichannel HDMI from BMD SDI to HDMI mini converter

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Multichannel HDMI from BMD SDI to HDMI mini converter

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New to the forum, happy to be here!

So I'm preparing a 4k audio-visual installation with 5.1 sound. Previous installations have been played from a BluRay connected over HDMI to an AV-Receiver, which has worked well, but for different reasons we are now looking at a media player solution instead (data flexibility is one).

We have access to a Blackmagic Hyperdeck Shuttle 2, so we thought we'd stay with the AV-Receiver and just swap the BluRay Player out for the Shuttle 2. The problem is the Shuttle 2 (why I don't know) won't deliver more than stereo over HDMI if I get it right, so the idea is to run the video to the 4k beamer through HDMI, and the sound through an SDI to HDMI converter parallel.
- first of all, will the SDI to HDMI mini converter deliver multichannel audio through its HDMI out port? I can't find any confirmation on this, actually the only tech specs available online are for the Shuttle 1..

- and secondly, do I need the 4k version mini converter if I only want to extract the sound, i.e, can the normal non-4k SDI to HDMI converter still extract multichannel audio through SDI even though the original signal is 4k?

Any other issue that could arise from this setup, or does anyone have a better idea? From what I gather the Shuttle can play 4k60Hz quicktime files, please correct me if I'm wrong though!

Grateful for any input on this, thanks so much so far!!

Cheers, Anders

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