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Linking Teranex Mini to Hyperdeck Mini?

PostPosted: Thu Mar 01, 2018 7:25 pm
by BeanBean
I'm envisioning the following use and wanted to see if I'm missing something:

I have a couple of mics I'll feed into a mic mixer, then feed that into a Teranex Mini HDMI to SDI along with an HDMI signal from a camera. I would then run the Teranex Mini into a Hyperdeck Studio Mini. Ideally, I'd skip HDMI and just run SDI straight from the camera, but it seems like using a Teranex and Hyperdeck Mini combined would save money over a Hyperdeck Pro, plus I'd prefer to save on SD cards anyway.

I'd then also run from the Hyperdeck to a Videohub 20x20.

My questions/concerns are:

1) Does the Videohub 20 also include CleanSwitch?
2) Is there any issue with the Teranex outputting 12g SDI, since the Videohub 20 is only 6g, and the Hyperdeck is...I'm not sure?
3) Is there any way to use a Teranex to run SDI to SDI, but embed the audio feed in as well, or should I just use HDMI in as described above?

Re: Linking Teranex Mini to Hyperdeck Mini?

PostPosted: Thu Mar 01, 2018 8:18 pm
by Xtreemtec
[*]1 Only the 12x12 Cleanswitch = a Cleanswitch switcher.. The others are blunt switching.. ;)
[*]2 The Videohub and hyperdeck mini are both 6G maximum.. So Run HD or 6G (4K 30P maximum)
[*]3 Yes there is :D It is called Teranex AV... :roll: No what you need is not the Teranex HDMI to SDI.. You need the Teranex mini Audio to SDI.
Which does basically embed 2 analog audio channels on SDI.

But your router and hyperdeck only supports 6G maximum.. So why not go a bit cheaper and take the mini converter Audio to SDI 4K 6G. ... /W-CONM-05

Re: Linking Teranex Mini to Hyperdeck Mini?

PostPosted: Thu Mar 01, 2018 8:44 pm
by BeanBean
Great answers, thanks!

Is there any way to link two 12x12 cleanswitchers for 24x24 switching, or no? My current envisioned use is right at 12 outputs, so I wanted a 20x20 for the extra room to grow. Honestly, though, I'm not even 100% sure I need cleanswitching, so it may be no big deal. Why might one really want cleanswitching?

Thanks for pointing out the right teranex and mini converter. I now see how they do what I want. Now I just have to debate if the form factor on the teranex is worth it...I like the idea of putting 3 together in that shelf they have.

Re: Linking Teranex Mini to Hyperdeck Mini?

PostPosted: Thu Mar 01, 2018 10:05 pm
by Xtreemtec
well i know it is called blackmagic... But if linking would create a 24x24 BMD would be the first in the world to do a infinity scaling upgrade switch.. :lol:
No it does not work like that..

Why you want a clean switch with 1frame delay.. Well people that want to cleanswitch between sources.. Without a videomixer.. Say you have a conference centre and you want to switch Laptop A to B. They have the same resolution and framerate.. But due too the nature of timing they don't align with each other.. Then all projectors / screens would glitch for some time before locking on the new SDI signal.. Then you want a cleanswitch.

If all your sources run on the same Genlock source.. You can cleanswitch with the big routers too.. Because all frames come exact at the same time to the router.. ( In theory.. In practise this is a nightmare ;) )

But normally you dont switch a lot of sources while live.. Most sources you switch / route is to get sources to different destinations in a OBV or studio..

Re: Linking Teranex Mini to Hyperdeck Mini?

PostPosted: Thu Mar 01, 2018 10:32 pm
by BeanBean
Yeah, I didn't figure that would work, but hey, I don't want to assume things since I know basically nothing at this point!

So the cleanswitch basically cleans up the transition when switching, I see. But am I correct in thinking that the frames do resolve themselves shortly after switching even without a cleanswitch, right?

So if I was switching live but didn't need the switch to be perfect, then there's no need for a cleanswitch, I suppose?

My use involves limited switching, and even if a client came to me and said "Switch this TV from camera 1 to camera 2" they wouldn't care at all if there was a delay or some transition. They view the feed more like a monitor into what's going on, not a mission-critical, every-frame-perfect broadcast.

So basically I'm learning I don't need clean switching.

Re: Linking Teranex Mini to Hyperdeck Mini?

PostPosted: Fri Mar 02, 2018 12:13 pm
by Xtreemtec
The cleanswitch does have a so called Frame buffer.. So for every input it buffers the incoming video.. And all outputs are synced outputs.. So when switching to another source they always switch synced and so it is clean as long as the sources have the same resolution and framerate..
But it does add 1 frame delay at most because of that buffering.

When using a normal switch.. It all depends on what the timing difference is between the 2 sources and how well the converter or sdi input of the receiving device is..

My expierince is that sometimes it switches over nicely.. But other times it takes a 2 /3 seconds to establish a good frame lock.