Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle (usb) + Canon Legria hf r88

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Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle (usb) + Canon Legria hf r88

PostFri Mar 09, 2018 6:35 am


I got those two items mentioned in the subject and been trying to get them to work together. Can't get the image to show in Blackmagic Media Express (nor in any other program I've tried). I'm using a Lenovo T450 computer where I installed all the software which came with intensity shuttle and updated them to latest versions from Blackmagic website. Shuttle plus pc seems to be working fine (shuttle is heating up a bit when plug into pc and not any errors whatsoever have occured). Problem seems to be with shuttle and camera?

I have also put from shuttles settings input to hdmi and plugged hdmi cable from camera to shuttles hdmi input so thats not it.

More downloads I need to do or tinker with some settings? Purpose of this setup is to do livestreaming and such. I have contacted blackmagic support via e-mail but without an answer yet.

Thanks in advance!

luis lanca

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Re: Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle (usb) + Canon Legria hf r88

PostMon Mar 12, 2018 4:49 pm


im the same insue.
canon legria HF R88 - Intensity Shuttle usb 3.0.

i have trie:

connect to shuttle other font vídeo like a pc. i can see image on blackmagic media explorer.
connect the canon to a tv. i can see image on tv.

i hope the canon was blackmagic compatible.

any ideas?? please. thanks :?

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