Ultrastudio Express & FME (Flash Media Encoder)

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Ultrastudio Express & FME (Flash Media Encoder)

PostFri Sep 07, 2012 3:57 am

I received my BMD UltraStudio Express today.. My main purpose in buying it was to take a Tricaster SDI Out feed it to the UltraStudio the connect by thunderbolt to a Mac to use with Adobe Flash Media encoder.

I was able to get video into FME no issue but...

1st The audio/video was very choppy. I was feeding the Ultrastudio express SDI in with a 1080 video feed.

Second i tried it with Wirecast the video from UltraStudio Express into Wirecast did not show the same choppiness in fact the image was perfect so something about FME was not working well with UltraStudio.

Note: I have great audio levels throught my pipeline. The BMD Ultrastudio Express embedded audio outputting through the thunderbolt seems 6-8db weak.



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Re: Ultrastudio Express & FME (Flash Media Encoder)

PostThu Nov 08, 2012 4:49 am

I had a similar problem today in a crunch time situation. BM sees the signal fine it seems. I was shooting DVCPRO HD, 720, 30p. HD/SDI out of Panasonic 170 into BM Ultra Studio 3d. Got to Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder for stream. 300kps stream at 640x380.

Anyway all was looking good. FLME was seeing the BM Ultra Studio 3D fine.... hit start...and it started to stream.... but only for about 1 minute before it crashed. This happened time and time again. It would recognize everything - stream for 1 min or so - and then bam - CRASH! Disconnected from server.

Upload speed was 42mbs up.... . Finally - in desperation 2 min before we went live - switched to 480, 30p on camera - took SDI cable out....replaced it with my firewire cable out of camera straight into the computer 800 port. And it worked. Streamed 1 hour lecture, no issues...no crashing.

Anyone know what's going on here????? Is it a Black Magic issue, Adobe Issue, or perhaps a Mountain Lion issue???? Clues?

My computer is 2.6ghz, 8 gig RAM, i7, Mountain Lion 10.8.1

Roman Pytkin Pekarek

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Re: Ultrastudio Express & FME (Flash Media Encoder)

PostThu Nov 08, 2012 8:08 am

I have problems on my mac mini too .. FMLE not works correctly with Ultrastudio Express .. SD resolution not works .. there is SD PAL/NTSC input select whitch is not works .. In Media express is 2 input selects .. SD PAL , and SD NTSC .. in HD resolutions FMLE cannot stream in right FPS .. im normaly using 25fps .. after setting 25 fps, and start streaming , FMLE stream just 12fps .. etc
So after that i was bought Wirecast .. There is problem with jerky video ( example http://www.pytkin.sk/wirecast_problem/ .. upper video is wirecast , lower is FMLE on Windows) ..
So after that , i was bootcamped windows 7 to that mac mini and install there FMLE , whitch is works OK ..

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