Micro SDI to HDMI closed captioning

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Micro SDI to HDMI closed captioning

PostSat Apr 14, 2018 11:20 pm

I spent FOREVER looking for a converter to get CC from SDI to HDMI. According to the web page under products - microconverters under the "Broadcast Quality" section.. It says "Full support is included for embedded audio and closed captioning.".. So I ordered one.. Had a horrendous time with Amazon over getting this item and ended up getting it way late after a huge hassle..

After hookup I have no captions. So I go researching CC on HDMI/SD-SDI/HD-SDI..

So.. Im confuzed..

1. Does the microconverter create the CC on HDMI ?
2. If so where does it look for the CC incoming data on the 1080i59.94 HD-SDI datastream ?

I hooked up the micro converter thinking maybe there was some config, but there is only a check box to legalize video.

So does this box do what it says ? Does it create compliant HDMI CC from HD-SDI ?

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