Issue with Blackmagic micro + Sandisk 64GB (ExFat)

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Issue with Blackmagic micro + Sandisk 64GB (ExFat)

PostFri Apr 20, 2018 7:22 pm

Hi Everyone,

Last year I was shooting with my Blackmagic Micro HD and the Sandisk Extreme Pro 64GB (formatted to ExFat), and at one point the card got corrupted...

Then I read that formatting to HFS+ provides error protection because HFS+ supports journalling. And I'm reading now that with journalling is less likely that the media becomes corrupted in the event of power failure!

So after that I got a new card and kept shooting with HFS+ and I've had no problem since. Even though it has happened to me again that the battery dies while I'm recording.

But now I have a problem, I have to buy a new computer, and I was looking at PC's (windows), but if I do that I'll have to shoot ExFat, and I'm afraid of corrupting my SD card again, mainly because I'll be shooting a wedding soon!

So do you think I should buy a mac instead so I can shoot HFS+?

Denny Smith

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Re: Issue with Blackmagic micro + Sandisk 64GB (ExFat)

PostFri Apr 20, 2018 8:20 pm

I would get an I Mac, the one down from the Pro. Windows and ProRes do not play well together either.
I was a dedicated Dos/Windows user, until I got my first Mac, haven’t looked back since.
Denny Smith
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