Help !, Multidock V2, Disks does not show up...

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Help !, Multidock V2, Disks does not show up...

PostThu May 10, 2018 2:59 pm

Hi there...

I'm a newbie at this forum, wish to say hello to all people there... and wish to learn... and share at this forum... I (still) work in stereo3d projects..., so if somehow could help...

( I'm afraid I'll learn more than sharing, but I'm willing to ) ...

So my first problem.... is

I recently purchased a Mutidock V2 for my Ultrastudio 4K. I'm running both ( Ultrastudio works fine ) from a ASUS Rog laptop with and TB3 to TB2 adapter from Apple.

Both devices are recognized by the OS , Ultrastudio works, but Multidock does not show up any disk I plug in ... I tried SSD, HDD and exFat formatted...

When I plug it ... lights around drive turn red for a while... but no new disk drive found ...nothing...

Please help !!


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