ISO equivalent for Studio Camera HD?

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Hadmut Danisch

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ISO equivalent for Studio Camera HD?

PostThu May 10, 2018 10:10 pm


the Studio Camera HD doesn't tell it's sensivity in ISO equivalent, neither the menu nor the manual, just comes with some default sensitivity and a gain parameter in 6db steps.

What would be the ISO equivalent to use a regular (cine-) lightmeter to check for proper light?

(And, btw., is there a particular reason to not use common ISO values?)


Denny Smith

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Re: ISO equivalent for Studio Camera HD?

PostFri May 11, 2018 5:06 am

Studio and ENG Broadcast cameras used actual analog Gain to set the sensor sensitivity. A wave form Monitor is used to set base exposure and a light meter used to set lighting ratios. Cinema cameras, being film based, used ASA/ ISO film ratings, so a light meter was used to determine proper base exposure, so ISO settings are used on digital Cinema cameras, but false color and wave form monitors are still a more accurate way to set exposure and check for sensor clipping, along with Zebra displays on a monitor.

Meters are great for setting lighting ratios between key and fill lights. The “0” Gain on a BM Studio Camera 4K is around ISO 200, +6 would be 400, etc. However, adding gain can increase the background noise level in a sensor. That said, I find 0 and +6dB gain acceptable on the Micro Studio Camera 4K. The HD Camera is the same sensor, but processed a little differently, as the Picket camera which has a native ISO level if 800, and sound be good up to +12dB. A little experimenting on your part can show what is the best setting for yiur lighting situation.
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