Problem with Decklink HD Extreme & Mini Recorder

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Problem with Decklink HD Extreme & Mini Recorder

PostSun May 27, 2018 6:25 pm

Hi there,

i used a Decklink HD Extreme for live-streaming without any problems on a Win7/Asus I7-4770 config. Then last week i decided to update my machine. I got me a I7 8700 with an Asrock z370m Pro4 Mainboard and installed Windows10 (1803Build). I got all installed and then my problems started.

After starting Media Express to check the signal - i got just a black screen (no signal) i checked if i had the right setup for input (720p50) - it was the right. Restarted the PC - still no signal. I tried everything and after a while i switched from HD Extreme to my Backup-card (Mini Recorder) with the same Problem - still just a black screen. I also switched from SDI to HDMI (with the Extreme HD) - still same issue.

Heavy frustrated i changed the cards back - started windows - e voila - i got Pictures. All was fine - i did not know what did the change but i was happy. Next days .. when booting up - i got a black screen, did a windows restart - and got my Signal. Sometime the Card lost Signal while streaming (frozen Pic) - restart solved that.

But since yesterday - the screen stays black - no signal. Frustration again. I tried to install Windows 7 but guess what: No Windows7 on 8700 CPU´s.

Ok my last try - an old Viewcast Osprey 700eHD CaptureCard. This one has absolute no Problems - got signal without any Problem.

But i want to work with BMD!

So i assume either the new Hardware or the new Windows (Win10 Build 1803) is the Problem.

Anybody knows how to solve this mess?

appreciate any help or hint ;)



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[Solved] Problem with Decklink HD Extreme & Mini Recorder

PostThu May 31, 2018 9:58 am

Yeah .. thats fine - no support but a PN that i have to use Real Names .. Top BMD ! *applause*

Solved my issue - i had a hard time installing Windows 7 on the z370 System - but finally i succeeded.

And all Problems are gone - No loss of Signal anymore. It seems there is a Problem with BMD Desktop Video and Windows 10.

All i did change was the OS :

Win7 - all fine
Win10 - PItA

Andrew Martin

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Re: Problem with Decklink HD Extreme & Mini Recorder

PostTue Jun 05, 2018 8:40 pm

This is a user support group ran by BMD, not intended as an official BMD support channel. Although they do
pop by from time to time.

If you need BM support in future, best to go to the support pages on their website and take a ticket.

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