FYI: Hyperdeck Studio and HDD

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Martin Jones

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FYI: Hyperdeck Studio and HDD

PostMon Jun 11, 2018 8:34 pm

A while back I asked if you could use hard drives with the HyperDecks if you used a low enough bit rate codec...

SSD prices have plummeted in the years since I asked that question and made it a moot point... But heck, I thought I would try it anyway as a 1TB HDD is still loads cheaper than a 1TB SSD. The results are in...

It doesn't even see it. I'm sure the HyperDeck's firmware is smart enough to detect that it's a HDD and not a SSD and refuses to even load it. Oh well, it was worth a shot.
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Re: FYI: Hyperdeck Studio and HDD

PostTue Jun 12, 2018 2:17 pm

Has all to do with powerdraw of a normal hdd.. You could even have overloaded the port and it could have blown the power fuse for that port.. Hope your ssd's will still work..

For example the powerdraw of a ssd is arround 120mA While a HDD will take up to 10x as much power!!

Also you HDD will not be fast enough for writing the files to disk. Even some cheaper SSD's have issues with that..
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