What Blackmagic hardware & software setup should I get for.?

Getting started with a Blackmagic product? Ask questions here about setup and installation.
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What Blackmagic hardware & software setup should I get for.?

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I'm at the SAE Institute in Brisbane (a film school) and I am studying the best setup to create a studio for rapid production. I put together this article to start working on the idea:

How To MASSIVELY Cut Pre & Post Production Time & Costs Using Final Cut Pro + Shot Designer + Shot Notes X + Sync-N-Link + Celtx + RED + Lumaforge Jellyfish

https://gikandi.com/sae-institute/rapid ... jellyfish/

However, I'd like to put together a similar article but with Blackmagic software and hardware. Please give me a list of what products that would include, besides DaVinci Resolve and Fusion? Eg what server, what sync hardware, what... anything else? To achieve the same result mentioned in the above article, including collaborated editing.

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