Blackmagic Intensity on Mac OSX

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Blackmagic Intensity on Mac OSX

PostSat Jul 14, 2018 1:24 am

I just purchased the Blackmagic Intensity USB 3.0 and I can't get my computer to recognize it at all even after installing all of the included drivers. I have the most current OS, does anyone know if there are issues currently?
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Re: Blackmagic Intensity on Mac OSX

PostSun Jul 29, 2018 8:44 am

It's all about setting resolution and frame rate that your hardware is set to, and selecting the coorect input you are using for your device in the Desktop Video Setup app from BMD when the Shuttle is connected, and the same is also valid for Media Express, in Media Express you only get video to see when you select the red tab, and then you click the red capture button to start the capture, start with these steps, and then you know the hardware is working.
After that you can try the other settings like the re-format settings SD to HD etc....
Start to set the set the Desktop Video Setup driver/app you got with your BMD device, if this is not set correctly,
you notice that Media Express is not very responsive, or might stop working, when Media Express doesn't want to start up, you should install the Desktop Video Setup again, i tell you this out of my own experience,
also, keep in mind the Shuttle outputs 10bit set this accordingly in the software, because i noticed VLC doesn't show the resolution correctly of the uncompressed capture otherwise, Davinci Resolve has no problems with this.
Hope this helps, i got the Intensity Shuttle (Thunderbolt) to mainly convert VHS or to use it with my Lumix G7,
maybe i'm going to use it for Youtube steaming in the future, this device has many uses, and that saying, it's not expensive at all.
equipment/software used:
UltraStudio Mini Recorder, Intensity Shuttle (Thunderbolt), ADVC-100 (DV/iLink/Firewire), Davinci Resolve 15 free version, Media Express, MacX Video Converter Pro

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