Multibridge Pro software needed

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Multibridge Pro software needed

PostWed Jul 18, 2018 8:58 am

Dear Blackmagic users,

We have two pc set-ups working with Blackmagic. One is newer and working perfectly but i never really did understand the "Multibridge Pro" set-up that we're using for an older pc.

We have everything patched, and i am able to 'capture' in Adobe Premiere, but the sound is not connected properly (could be due to the cables or due to the software settings), but i notice that i have no working/connected software for this Multibridge Pro. The software that i found, doesn't see the Multibridge.

(On the working pc i can use "Blackmagic Desktop Video Utility" (to change the routing,
on this one the software is called "Blackmagic Desktop Video Setup", but as you can see in the screenshot i added, it doesn't detect a device.)

How and where do i find the software that i need for this set-up?

Best regards,
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