iMAC 2017 Intensity Shuttle USB-c

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iMAC 2017 Intensity Shuttle USB-c

PostSun Sep 16, 2018 2:54 pm

Good day all,

New to this product and forum.

I want to connect a Canon HFG25 via HDMI to an Intensity Shuttle and then to my iMAC (2017) using a Thunderbolt <> USB-C lead.

I have not bought the Shuttle yet, I need to know it will work!!

Will I be able to detect both the video and the audio when I run OBS software on the iMAC?

If not what is the workaround.

Many thanks in advance.

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Re: iMAC 2017 Intensity Shuttle USB-c

PostTue Sep 18, 2018 12:14 pm

You might run into trouble with the USB version of the Intensity Shuttle, only selective hardware/chipsets will work with this one, i use the Thunderbolt 2 version on my MacBook Pro (early 2015 13" 8GBram)
better convert from that one, or....... why do you choose the Intensity Shuttle ? since you are "only" using HDMI .... you want to use the analog inputs/outputs also ?
Check for other devices, also some devices wil not go as high 1080p60, check this when looking for a capture device, when this is needed.
equipment/software used:
UltraStudio Mini Recorder, Intensity Shuttle (Thunderbolt), ADVC-100 (DV/iLink/Firewire), Davinci Resolve 15 free version, Media Express, MPEGStreamclip, Avidemux

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