Erase timecode from SDI input

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Erase timecode from SDI input

PostWed Sep 19, 2018 3:58 pm

Hi guys!

We're using a Blackmagicdesign DeckLink Mini Recorder to capture an SDI input and feed it to a Verizon Liveslicer.
Our issue is that the SDI input contains giberrish timecodes. The Verizon Liveslicer prioritizes the timecodes of the input over the system time for its scheduling. So we are wondering if it's possible to configure our Mini Recorder in a way that it strips the timecode information of the SDI signal.

Does anybody know if this is possible?
Our current configuration is as follows:
Code: Select all
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1" standalone="true" ?>
    <card id="-1613801186">
        <attribute name="AnalogVideoOutput" value="Component" />
        <attribute name="VideoInputSource" value="SDI" />
        <attribute name="Level75" value="1" />
        <attribute name="ComponentOutputBetacamLevels" value="0" />
        <attribute name="ComponentInputBetacamLevels" value="0" />
        <attribute name="Enable444Output" value="0" />
        <attribute name="EnableRec2020Output" value="0" />
        <attribute name="outputSquareQuadDivisionSplit" value="0" />
        <attribute name="EnableSMPTELevelAOutput" value="0" />
        <attribute name="SDIOutputLinkConfiguration" value="Single" />
        <attribute name="OutputBlackToDeckInCapture" value="0" />
        <attribute name="AudioInputSource" value="Embedded" />
        <attribute name="SwitchedAudioOutputFormat" value="Analog" />
        <attribute name="IdleVideoOutputOperation" value="0" />
        <attribute name="HDTVDownConversionOnOutput" value="Off" />
        <attribute name="EnableDownConversionOnAnalogOutput" value="0" />
        <attribute name="EnableVideoOutputConversionOnAnalog" value="0" />
        <attribute name="AdvancedVideoOutputConversionMode" value="12" />
        <attribute name="AdvancedVideoOutputConversionAspect" value="Letterbox" />
        <attribute name="HDTVDownConversionOnInput" value="Off" />
        <attribute name="SyncOutputFramesSingleFieldOnly" value="1" />
        <attribute name="AFrameReference" value="0" />
        <attribute name="GenlockOffset" value="0" />
        <attribute name="DuplexMode" value="Full" />
        <attribute name="StoreVANCLine1" value="0" />
        <attribute name="StoreVANCLine2" value="0" />
        <attribute name="StoreVANCLine3" value="0" />
        <attribute name="VANCLine1" value="18" />
        <attribute name="VANCLine2" value="19" />
        <attribute name="VANCLine3" value="20" />
        <attribute name="AnalogOutputGainComposite" value="0" />
        <attribute name="AnalogOutputGainCompositeChroma" value="0" />
        <attribute name="AnalogOutputGainSVideo" value="0" />
        <attribute name="AnalogOutputGainSVideoChroma" value="0" />
        <attribute name="AnalogOutputGainY" value="0" />
        <attribute name="AnalogOutputGainCb" value="0" />
        <attribute name="AnalogOutputGainCr" value="0" />
        <attribute name="AnalogInputGainCompositeLuma" value="0" />
        <attribute name="AnalogInputGainCompositeChroma" value="0" />
        <attribute name="AnalogInputGainSVideoLuma" value="0" />
        <attribute name="AnalogInputGainSVideoChroma" value="0" />
        <attribute name="AnalogInputGainLuma" value="0" />
        <attribute name="AnalogInputGainCb" value="0" />
        <attribute name="AnalogInputGainCr" value="0" />
        <attribute name="EnableAnalogVideoInputAntialiasFilter" value="1" />
        <attribute name="EnableConsumerAnalogAudioLevels" value="0" />
        <attribute name="AnalogAudioInputScaleCh1" value="0" />
        <attribute name="AnalogAudioInputScaleCh2" value="0" />
        <attribute name="AnalogAudioInputScaleCh3" value="0" />
        <attribute name="AnalogAudioInputScaleCh4" value="0" />
        <attribute name="AnalogAudioOutputScaleCh1" value="0" />
        <attribute name="AnalogAudioOutputScaleCh2" value="0" />
        <attribute name="AnalogAudioOutputScaleCh3" value="0" />
        <attribute name="AnalogAudioOutputScaleCh4" value="0" />
        <attribute name="DigitalAudioInputScale" value="0" />
        <attribute name="DigitalAudioOutputScale" value="0" />
        <attribute name="AudioMeterMode" value="Levels" />
        <attribute name="AudioMeterBrightness" value="Medium" />
        <attribute name="EnableVideoInputLookupTables" value="0" />
        <attribute name="Enable1DVideoOutputLookupTables" value="0" />
        <attribute name="Enable3DVideoOutputLookupTables" value="0" />
        <attribute name="ForceProgressiveVideoOutput" value="1" />
        <attribute name="ForceProgressiveVideoInput" value="1" />
        <attribute name="3DPackingFormat" value="FramePacking" />
        <attribute name="DefaultVideoOutputMode" value="0" />
        <attribute name="UseDedicatedLTCInput" value="0" />
        <attribute name="PassthroughMode" value="Clean Switch" />
        <attribute name="UseMicrophonePhantomPower" value="0" />
        <attribute name="MicrophoneInputGain" value="0" />
        <attribute name="HeadphoneVolume" value="0" />
        <attribute name="CardInfoLabel" value="" />
        <attribute name="CardInfoSerialNumber" value="" />
        <attribute name="CardInfoCompany" value="" />
        <attribute name="CardInfoPhone" value="" />
        <attribute name="CardInfoEmail" value="" />
        <attribute name="CardInfoDate" value="" />

Pieter Drijkoningen

Gary Adams

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Re: Erase timecode from SDI input

PostThu Sep 20, 2018 8:30 pm

hello Pieter. It is possible to remove embedded time code using the Teranex Mini Audio to SDI where it is possible to embed new LTC. Simply put it in this mode and do not connect LTC. That would be one method.

Regards, Gary
Gary Adams
Blackmagic Design

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