Teranex Mini IP To Video 12G

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Teranex Mini IP To Video 12G

PostMon Oct 29, 2018 4:10 pm

Hello everyone,

I am about to purchase two of this device and need to know where to find/buy the 10G SFP Ethernet connector. I already understand the 1G Ethernet port but cant seem to fathom this 10G SFP Ethernet.

Can someone please post a link on where to get it ? Also, is this different from the usual 12G SFP Optical connector sold by BlackMagic as well or is it the same thing ?

I'll be waiting in the comments section please. Thank you.
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Re: Teranex Mini IP To Video 12G

PostFri Nov 02, 2018 1:40 pm

10G sfp is just a normal IT SFP. You can get it from a lot of vendors..

But for example: https://www.fs.com/de/en/products/11591.html

The 3/6/12G sfp's from BMD are video sfp's. Which are not ment for network data. And Network Data SFP's are not ment for raw video as done with the SDI to Fiber boxes. ;)
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