HyperDeck Studio Mini can't play different formats

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Tomas Pihl

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HyperDeck Studio Mini can't play different formats

PostThu Nov 01, 2018 8:50 pm

We have a HDSM which we use to record content with. What we've noticed is that once you record a specific format, let's say 1080p29.97, *all* old content on the SD-card which doesn't match the format of the just recorded content are "lost". Thus, you can only play available 1080p29.97 content in this particular case.

Once you start recording 720p50, those matching files all of a sudden appears and are possible to play but then the 1080p29.97 content is "lost".

Why can't the thing just list all available content? Or is it possible to switch over to some other format in some way without record something?
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Re: HyperDeck Studio Mini can't play different formats

PostFri Nov 02, 2018 1:34 pm

This is a known issue. The Hyperdecks, VideoAssists and Cameras do a soft reboot for every other resolution.
Which will not reconise files in a different file format, resolution or framerate.

With a Atomos recorder they do show the files. And when you select a file with a different codec, resolution etc it will ask if you want to change to.. And then does a soft reboot.. ;)
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