Decklink 8K Pro 3D capture

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Decklink 8K Pro 3D capture

PostTue Nov 06, 2018 12:48 am


I have a Decklink 8K Pro and I'm having trouble trying to capture 3D via 2 independent streams. The card works fine in both of my PCs if I do 2D capture. If I check the box in Media Express “Capture Two Independent Streams as 3D” then I lose video and even going back to a regular 2D mode will be mostly black with a few frames here and there. If I play with the settings and uncheck “Capture Two Independent Streams as 3D” enough times it will start working again with 2D capture.

Anyway, I am connecting two 1080p60 3G SDI signals to two inputs on the card but it never works. The sources for both left and right are the same, so there should be no need for GenLock.

Any thoughts?


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