Understanding the difference between Disk and Media Cache

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Understanding the difference between Disk and Media Cache

PostSat Jan 12, 2019 1:26 am

I'm researching a suitable PC build to edit my 4k GoPro footage. I've understood the majority of Puget Systems hardware guide but I can't get my head around this section on HDD.

1. Primary Drive - OS/Software (SSD) - Includes your operating system and the base DaVinci Resolve installation. An SSD is highly recommended as it will greatly improve how fast the OS and programs startup, but there is usually not much of a performance benefit to upgrade to a faster NVMe drive.
2. Secondary Drive - Project Files (SSD/M.2 NVMe) - If possible, it is a good idea to separate your project files and disk cache onto a secondary drive. For most users a standard SSD will work fine, but if you work with high bitrate RAW footage there can be a large performance benefit to using a M.2 NVMe drive.
3. Optional Tertiary Drive - Dedicated Media Cache/Scratch (SSD/M.2 NVMe) - Using a dedicated SSD for your media cache and scratch files can at times improve performance when playing and scrubbing through compositions. Upgrading to an even faster NVMe drive can give some performance gains, but the difference is more pronounce in other applications like After Effects.
4. Optional Storage Drive (Platter) - For long term storage where the high speed of SSDs is typically not required, a larger traditional platter hard drive is a good choice as they are still much cheaper per GB than SSDs.

Specifically it is points 2 and 3 I do not understand. Is there a difference between 'disk cache' and 'media cache', or has the author of the guide just used the terms interchangeably?

From my searches my understanding is that media cache contains:
Source caching, Node caching, Clip caching, Sequence caching

But I've been unable to find a definition of 'disk cache'.

Many thanks.

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